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How EcoMarketPlace Can Reduce Carbon Footprints


These days, deciding to go green and reduce carbon footprints happens personally and professionally. There’s no time like the present to switch to eco-friendly products. With most companies aiming to go carbon neutral by 2030, EcoMarketPlace has the products you need to start moving towards a greener future!

Guaranteed Organic Growth

Grow your own organic vegetables with our premium Sustainable Organic Potting Mix and improve your chances for a healthy harvest. You can use premium Full Spectrum Fertilizer for most vegetable gardens, indoor plants, and flower beds. Buy now to see why it’s one of the more popular eco-friendly products available for the gardener with a green thumb.

Keep That Lawn Green

Our Farm Fuel Super Concentrate is the perfect additive to ensure your lawn stays green all season long. The Water-Soluble Full Spectrum Nutrient Concentrate is added to your daily watering routine and will help the yard stay golf course green without the use of harmful chemicals. Consult the label for measurement ratios before use.

Install Eco-friendly Flooring With Style

Whether you are considering replacing the floor of your living room or the base of your office space, EcoMarketPlace now offers Hemp Wood Flooring for your remodel needs. This sustainable flooring alternative is 20% stronger than Oak and is fire-resistant. These beautiful panels will give you a premium look you desire, all while reducing your carbon footprint.

Eco Consulting Services for Everyone

Are you thinking of moving your business to a more eco-friendly focus? EcoMarketPlace also offers Eco Consulting Services as well. Book an appointment today to learn more about how we solve greenhouse gas reduction via drone-seeding industrial hemp, collect data for carbon credits, and offer soil evaluations and treatments.

Environmentally friendly items are being sought out instead of the usual non-biodegradable options both by consumers and corporations. EcoMarketPlace has everything needed to make the switch to green products today. Contact us today to learn about our green products and how you can reduce your carbon footprint.