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Restaurants Can Go Green with EcoMarketPlace

Whether you’re an established major restaurant chain or a small family diner, focusing on how you can operate with eco-friendly products should be an essential priority. EcoMarketPlace has everything you need to make the change. From buying green products in bulk to changing your forks and spoons, there are many modifications you can make to your business to reduce carbon footprints.

Forget Those Plastic Forks

For years the restaurant industry has relied on plastic utensils to help customers enjoy their meals. Literally thousands of these plastic relics of restaurants past are haunting your local landfill as we speak, and the fact is, it’s getting worse every day. By switching to more eco-friendly Petroleum Free Utensils, you can start offering greener solutions and possibly entice customers to pick your restaurant over the rest.

Say No To Non-Biodegradable Straws

You see them everywhere, discarded and along the sides of roads across America. Plastic straws have been a scourge on the environment for years, and if we don’t make a change soon, there will be no going back. Stop ordering the standard bulk order of plastic utensils and contact us today to see how our 100% Petroleum Free and Compostable Straws can help your restaurant reduce its carbon footprint.

Start Using Onyx Hemp Protein Powder

Did you know that most protein powders need hexane or other harsh chemicals to be produced? It kind of takes away from having a healthy smoothie, doesn’t it? Our Onyx Hemp Protein Powder’s smooth texture allows it to blend into milk or water well, leaving no sour aftertaste. Our 70% plant protein hemp hearts help deliver high water binding capacity with the ability to emulsify quickly.

Combine Green Products and Save

The beauty of buying green products in bulk is that it is price-effective and better for the environment. Whether you own a high traffic truck stop or fashionable food truck in the middle of the park, EcoMarketPlace can help your food business reduce its carbon footprint and put a little money back in your pocket.

Deciding to change your business operations to affect a greener outcome is a noble cause, so let us help you make it easier. We have the products and the environmental experience to help you go green today! Contact EcoMarketPlace to find out even more ways to positively impact your business with more of our best eco-friendly products.